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17 counseling centers in Hamburg

The 17 counseling centers of the Migration Counseling for Adults Immigrants (MBE) in Hamburg accompany people with migration and flight histories aged 27 and older in the first three years after their immigration. The individual support in the integration process in Germany counts as an essential task and can be offered in different languages.

The counselors in the Migration Counseling Service provide information, for example, about German and integration courses, residence, family reunion, job opportunities, and social benefits. A (first) orientation should enable the people to go their further way independently.

Migration counseling is always free of charge and confidential.

Young people between the ages of 12-27 can get guidance here:

Adults who have been living here for a long time and have a history of migration and asylum can get advice here in Hamburg
hier beraten lassen.
The informationen of the rubrics “Über MBE” and“Sprachen lernen” are also translated to PLAIN LANGUAGE.

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